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Gov. Palin Congratulates Adams, French and ACLJ on First Amendment Win

Sarah Palin Information Blog Posted on Governor Palin’s page today:

It seems Hades froze over. Liberty loving Americans won a great victory for our First Amendment rights! University of North Carolina-Wilmington Professor Mike Adams won his case against the university for arbitrarily denying him his promotion to full professor because of his conservative writings. Many of you may have read Dr. Adams’ great articles at As Dr. Adams’ attorney David French told me via email, “The university loved and honored Dr. Adams when he was liberal and atheist, and then punished him for his free speech after he became Christian and conservative. But Dr. Adams fearlessly fought back, and yesterday’s jury verdict sent a message: The Constitution protects conservatives too. We should heed that message and fight fearlessly for our rights, even against seemingly overwhelming odds.”

Congratulations to Dr. Adams, his tenacious and wise attorney David French, and the ACLJ for…

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